How to Get Rid of Fear of Making YouTube Videos

video blogging

Recording your own video using a vlogging camera to put it right there on You Tube in order to let the world to watch it, can be quite tough and somewhat frightening. Knowing that not all people will be pleased with what you do. Even one of your relatives could also sometimes be inconsiderate. That is why, in many cases, such as posting your video on a big site is one reason why many people are afraid of doing so. Need more detailed information? go to

Fighting your weakness is worth the effort, especially if you have a good output. The question is, are you going to fight your fear? If the answer is yes, then take this some tips on how you can ease your fear upon making your own videos on You Tube:

1. Do not use a script. Maybe it could help you so that you will not be able to forgot your lines, but take note of this: if you a will be reading a script, it comes out that you are so awkward and you appear as unnatural in you moves. If it is really a need, then just make a short outline of what you will be talking about. Put it alongside or just below the edge of the camera. Glance once in a while with the topic you are talking about. Trust yourself. Familiarize all the details of your material and you got no problem at all.

2. Have an editor and they will be your best friend! Do not stress out yourself by doing everything for your own. You are just creating extra work alone. It would be so tiring. You don’t need to be perfect enough with your own takes. Put down other details to others. Get an editor so there will be someone who will look over your awkward pauses and movements if there are any. No matter how high tech your software is, there is your You Tube tutorial that are available out there plus an instructor who will guide you on how to make editing for your videos.see additional tips straight from the source.

3. Practice first before having the actual recording. Many experts suggest any individual who is new to a certain job to practice it first most, especially to the setting where you will be recording your actual video. It is the better way to do so that your final take will be accurate and best. After the testing, watch back your shoot and jot down a few important details where you have to improve areas or make cuts. Practice makes perfect!

video blogging

4. There’s no need for you to be perfect all the time. Don’t stress yourself out about how to be perfect with your shoot. There are lots of editors that work on your mistakes. Do not take every shoot too seriously. Mistakes are always made. Just have fun with it, and that will make your video natural. People may appreciate it, and will even make your presentation interesting.

5. Be conversational. In that way, your audience may feel at ease watching you. Thus, it would also rather help you to be more comfortable being the presenter. Just relax, and take it easy. Remember that trying to be perfect yourself can actually cause too much nervousness and even make you seem uptight.

Conquer your fear with these simple tips and see also what camera do Youtubers use to comply with these simple tips.