Blogging to Success Using YouTube

video blog

There are lots of easy ways which we can increase your brand to connect with others online by using You Tube. A You Tube is the second largest engine site after Google. After 2010, there were 700 billion video playbacks with more than 2 billion videos being viewed each day. Learn more information at

How can you blog for success using vlog camera?

Here are some of the ways you can do blogging to success using You Tube:

1. Understand first what will be your video will be about. You have to write down few important details that you must have to keep in mind ,then you have to answer first this very important question: Do others have an interest in this topic? This would be your simple guide for you to be able to catch more viewers. If your chosen topic is what others like, then you have a chance to get lots of viewers.

2. Test out the video you plan to make. If you are now sure of what your video is all about, then it is the time to make your recording of your video.

Here are the several tips about video recording using Nikon Vlogging Camera:

• If you are to shoot your video outside, make sure that the surrounding area is quiet and that there will be no dogs barking, wind blowing, or any loud noises that may cause distraction during the recording period.
• Always choose a setting that is best for your needs and comfort. Take note, you cannot have the best video presentation if you feel awkward with the environment. If you are just comfortable within your desk, then shot your video at your desk area. As long as you comfortable with place, then shot your video there.
• See to it that your video’s background is not too distracting. In the case that the background of your video is too distracting, especially if there are people moving, then viewers may focus on the moving people at the back rather than to your video itself.
• Use facial expressions and hand gestures while talking to your audience/viewers.
• Be natural with your audience. Speak naturally just like you are talking to a friend in person or on the phone. Make sure your words are clearly delivered and do not speak too fast.
• The standard length of your video must be 2-3 minutes unless you are discussing how to make a video, which would be considered if it is too long.
• Record your video in HD if possible. This will help your video look more vivid and bright. Many of the cellphones today have this options, so don’t bother buying new camera. In my case, I personally utilized Canon Vlog Camera.
• Make sure not to read your script. The audience doesn’t like it. Have it memorized to impress them.
• Always practice doing your video before shooting it for final recording.

video blog

3. Have your video be edited first. Clean up and edit first your video before you have to publish it. This way, your video will be enhanced and become the best video for the viewers.

4. Set up a You Tube account now. This is very simple and easy to set up. Once your You Tube account is done, then you are now ready for the uploading.

5. Upload now your video when ready to You Tube.

6. Send your links to social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, so that everyone will know that you are uploading a video.

Happy blogging everyone!