6 Ways to a Vlogging Success


Nowadays people tell you how blogging can be a powerful tool for the success of your blog. What with the high speed connection in most households and YouTube making an impact on millions of people out there, thevideo has become such a cool tool to play with that nearly everyone is using it and some even abusing it.

Welcome your audience

But before you even turn on the camera, (a tip from Maria) to get yourself in the zone ,do some jumping jacks, flips, splits, whatever it takes to shift your energy and get the good vibes flowing through your system.  And once you’re ready, make sure you set up the camera at the appropriate angle (preferably on a tripod), flick on the ON switch, press that RECORD button and get ready for the introduction.

Establish credibility with your viewers

What that means is that even though you’re still a complete miserable failure in the internet marketing game, that’s not to say that you don’t have something of value to share with your audience. I’m sure, in fact, I’m certain that you’re a person of many talents and that you’ve accomplished many things in life, so talk to your viewers first about your past success in life, the awards that you’ve perhaps won, the books that maybe you’ve written and the challenges that you’ve overcome in the past. Read more.

Keep your audience interested throughout your video

In this day and age of numerous channels and countless vlogs on the web its easy for your audience to lose interest and flip onto another silly vid of a girl with low cut top and over exposed bosoms, so keep them wanting more. Hook them in with some top tips if you have to, draw their interest, tease their senses and even add some humor to grab their attention.

Share your story with the world

Let go of your ego here, and don’t be shy to share with your audience the reason for your vloggings in the first place. I’m sure we’re all here for most of the same reasons so be truthful about why you are here in the first place? What made you decide to become an Internet Marketer? Open up to your audience and allow them to see the real you. After all, we’re all human beings at the end of the day.

Paint the problem

‘Are you sick and tired of being, Sick and tired?’ Tell your audience some of the major problems we’re facing today, and the crap that most of us have to deal with. Credit scrunches, Stock diving’s, Repossessions, Foreclosures, Recessions, Redundancies, should I go further? Yes, they’ve all had it up to here with 2008,but they still have to be reminded of what is lurking in the corner of 2009 and what they can still be facing unless.

Call to Action

And just like in the good old’ days when we were kids who liked to play Simon says you will do the same thing with the adults because people like to be told what to do. We are taught from an early age to follow the leader – what Simon says – right? So be that Simon, or Janet, or Dean, or Tracey and tell your captivated audience that you truly and passionately want to help them and make a difference in their lives.


This is where, I believe, vloggers get it wrong. If you look at YouTube, for example, you get to see some pretty naff videos being made which don’t get much exposure, follow this steps and get your blogging right. More details in site: http://www.vloggingcameras.net/category/video-cameras-by-price/